Linkway SQL Server Job Monitor - The cost of failed jobs

The cost of monitoring Microsoft SQL Server Jobs

Microsoft™ SQL Server is at the core of many organisations infrastructure and as such requires careful monitoring. How much would a missed SQL job cost your organisation?

Consider the humble backup job, if it fails quietly without fuss then no one will ever notice until the organisation requires the data that should have been backed up. How often does your organisation check that the backup scripts worked as intended. Take a higher impact business critical SQL server job such as a payroll run. In the event of that failure you want to know quickly and at a glance.


In the event of a failure

You already have a monitoring system such as Nagios, it lets you know how much disk space is left, how old the files are ect, but doesn't integrate directly into SQL Server. It's an opportunity missed to see the job schedule and detailed error output from any failed jobs. Nagios has the ability to react to failures but without a SQL server interconnect and some programming skills its hard to see how it could react to a failed job. 


The solution

Linkway SQL Server Job Monitor, allows you, the person responsible for the SQL server, to take a look at a glance to the status of the SQL Jobs. Colour coded job states allows an at a glance approach to saying 'Yes, all the jobs worked perfectly!'. When the inevitable happens you can quickly find up which Job failed and take the detailed error message as a good starting point to fixing the problem. 

Sometimes the solution to a failed job is to run it later. With an in built scheduling tool Linkway SQL Server Job Monitor allows you to run it again whenever you need, be it now, this week, next month... all without switching application and with only a few swift clicks.