Linkway SQL Server Job Monitor - Tool Overview

SSJM is a monitoring tool for the Microsoft SQL Server Agent.

features include:

  • No need to install SQL Server Enterprise Manager just to monitor a servers jobs. If you run with operations personel then you may not want non DBA's to have access to such an application as Enterprise Manager.
  • Connect to Microsoft SQL Server 200, 2005, 2008 from any .net 2 enabled Windows PC.
  • Includes a SQL Server browser
  • Connect via Windows authentication or SQL authentication
  • Ability to sandbox operations personal to a monitor role.
  • No reliance on emails!
  • Visual warning of failed job/s.
  • Mark failed jobs as acknowledged.
  • Quickly shows failed job step and any error message.
  • Audio warning of  failed job/s.
  • Full set of tools to allow (depending on permissions granted to user)
    • restarting of failed jobs 
    • running of jobs
    • re-scheduling jobs
    • stop a running job
    • stop/start SQL Server Agent
  • The license covers the server, so you can install the monitoring application on as many computer as you want.
  • Monitor and be alerted of failures on mutiple SQL Servers from a single computer.
  • Integrates with Nagios