Linkway Aline Case Study

Once upon a time in a land far away an IT Director had a hell of a problem handed down to him by his board. 

This is the story of how we solved that problem.

The business with a turnover of over a billion pounds was resolved to move away from their HP3000 platform, in favour of a suite of new best of breed solutions. The lead time to develop and deploy these solutions naturally varied and early modelling of deployment showed that the proposed solution design would not work. Logically it have to be dropped in favour of a single ERP solution with a big bang migration. The business didn't like the risk profile of a big bang and worse they didn't want a monolithic ERP system but a suite of best of breed solutions. The challenge was laid down of finding another solution.

The single largest problem was that given the large number of locations and staff the roll out of solutions in anything less than a single night would mean that some users would be on the old and some on the new applications. This would mean two corporate systems in play at the same time with the potential to drift apart. How would they be kept in sync and yet allow the business to evolve during a two year ramp up ramp down.

During a brainstorming workshop facilitated by CSL, a series of tools was postulated - Linkway Aline being one - that would solve this issue. If all transactions were logged in the new system (even if added to the old systems) then only one source of truth would exist even if two systems were being maintained.

A 'no win, no fee' prototype development was agreed that was tightly time bounded.

Version 0.1 was completed by the end of the second week and succeeded in taking a transaction, silently, from the legacy database to the new database. The next month saw this progress to one transaction after another. The only challenge was that this was per minute and not per second! The next six months saw this evolve to meet and then exceed the design goal of greater than 12 transactions per second.

Linkway Aline did service with this client for just over two years and met all of its design goals.