Linkway Application Factory - Product Overview

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LAF is a suite of tools enabling the rapid development of a web based application from an existing SQL database.

Linkway Application Generator(LAG)

  • Automatically scans the database schema allow you to choose which tables you require within the application
  • Generates complaint HTML code and code behind. 
  • Allows including sortable lists, add insert and delete capabilities
  • Allows for searching on a number on any of the fields chosen
  • Generates Select,Insert, Update and Delete for the tables where selected
  • Gives the ability to highly customise the screens.
Linkway Application Menu generator (LAM)
  • Allows the rapid development of a secure menu system to access the page generated in LAG
  • Allows for both menu and tabulated i.e each menu option can have multiple tabs to different pages allowing for grouping.
  • The menu system has its own security maintenance, read reads what is produced in LAG and allows you to assign groups in the security model
  • Allows the creation of external links.
Linkway Analysis Services (LAS)