Linkway Services

At Linkway we believe that quality is better than quantity, so it is no surprise that we have experts in their field, ready to assist.

Computing Services

Linkway offer a singularly practical approach. We first assess and understand your business - its present scope, fields of activity and possible future direction. This information is gathered before any computing solution is considered and takes in all aspects of the IT resource - hardware, software, communications and personnel.

We consider how information technology may help your business in its entirety. Our activities are not limited to accounting, or payroll or stock control, for example, and our proposals are not tied to any particular business field. Whether your company is in heavy engineering, or financial services, Linkwaywill devise a computing solution that is perfect for the present, yet flexible for the future.

Our proposals will represent the ideal in every sense of the word, and will be based on the most effective use of software, hardware and employees.

One of the key elements of the service we offer is the ability to forecast and react to developments in our clients' own business field, so that client organisations will never be restricted by their IT facilities if they wish to expand, contract or change direction.

Whatever our recommendations, the solution will be tailor made to your current and future business plans. Our resources are impressive, in terms of the equipment we use and the staff we employ. Linkway clients are served by a skilled team of computing experts who manage client systems to ensure high performance and fast response to changing demands. The emphasis is on a continuing dialogue between the two companies, so that we are always aware of our clients' current position and future potential, and both parties can plan accordingly.

Our own computing resource is based on some of the latest and most reliable enterprise Computing Servers from Hewlett-Packard, giving us capability above and beyond that of most companies' in-house IT facilities. Because we specialise in computer technology, we are able to direct our own investment towards providing the most advanced facilities possible. These resources, together with our Nationwide Network Infrastructure, ensure a superior computing service.

Our philosophy is not just an abstract aim, but is demonstrated daily in practical terms in our dealings with all clients.

By careful choice of hardware, software and personnel within our own company, we are able to confidently guarantee that our performance will satisfy your company needs not only on a day-to-day basis, but for all time.

That's the Linkway difference.